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Uniquely qualified with 20 years of experience in digital business processes, we are keen to share a few things to help you implement your digital transformation, in ways that meet your needs. 

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Get Organized

Gain on agility and time.  When you focus on the money flows, you will most likely feel the benefits more directly.

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Get Noticed

Yes, it's a cliché, but you truly have only one chance to make a first impression.  Better do it right, right?

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Get Results

Integrating your workflows has a profound impact on all levels of any organization. On top of that, it's very motivating for your team.

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Document Center

Implementing a secure and complex web based document management system is not difficult nor expensive to achieve. Our team provides the insights and know-how to structure your document center using the best of breed open source software, either in an encrypted environment where the files lose their physical document properties or in a more comprehensive way where documents remain available in their original format.


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Full Stack Logistic Services in a Subassembly Market Niche

Polymar markets and distributes a unique range of specially formulated Polyurethane sheet and films for the glass laminating industry. Its customers depend on crystal information and have specific logistical needs.

This is where a fast, well structured website comes in handy.  The challenges were to provide low threshold information on any platform to access and download technical data sheets, the ability to easily maintain and update those sheets, while assuring a top level visual presentation.

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